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Bin collections

Find out when each of your bins get emptied.The page also shows any current delays and recent issues that may affect collections at your property.

Make and track requests

When using our online forms with a myStirling account, you can come back later to track the progress of your request(s).

Subscribe to alerts, news and events

Stay up to date with disruptions and facility closures in the Stirling area. You can also subscribe to receive emails for upcoming events as well as news.

Events calendar

Contact us and we can allow you to add your local events to our calendar.


Everything you want to know about your councillors.

Your nearest maps

Your nearest bus stops, car parks, nurseries, primary schools, high schools, libraries, local offices, pharmacies, police stations, recycling centres, salt bins, etc.


Subscribe to receive roadwork update emails in your area.

Requesting a housing repair

Council tenants with housing issues (such as a leaky tap) can easily book these repairs online.

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