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Gartmore Primary School

Headteacher: Fiona Buchanan

T: 01877 382343
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About the school

Gartmore School was originally a single classroom built circa 1842, with a second room being added some 50 years later. The building was extensively refurbished in 1994 and although the early stone exterior remains, a large extension was added and the interior completely modernised to provide attractive learning areas.   

We have an extensive field to the rear which is used for play, sports activities and outdoor education. It contains a small orchard of Scottish apple trees which is maintained by staff and pupils.

School inspections

Education Scotland has responsibility for evaluating the quality of pre-school education, all schools, teacher education, community learning and development, further education and local authorities. They also publish reports about services for children and evaluate child protection services. 

Catchment areas

Each school has it own geographic area called a catchment area. Normally, your child will attend your local catchment school. If you wish your child to attend a school other than the catchment school you are required to make a placing request.





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