Riverside Primary SchoolRiverside Primary School
Forrest Road
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Headteacher: Kay Robertson

T: 01786 474128
F: 01786 448425
Kitchen: 01786 472026
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About Riverside Primary School...

Riverside Primary School was built in 1926 as a secondary school with a primary department. In 1972 the secondary pupils transferred to a new purpose built school in Causewayhead. With closure of the Territorial School and Craigs School, the primary department expanded and it is housed now within the two buildings on the campus in Forrest Road.    

  • The school has recently undergone an extensive refurbishment programme to upgrade all our buildings.   
  • We have recently built a new learning area in the school where classes can join together to learn collaboratively.

More information is available in our handbook.  

Gaelic education in schools...

Gaelic Medium Primary Education is available to anyone who wishes their child to be taught through the medium of Gaelic. This is open to all children whether they can already speak Gaelic or not.

There is Gaelic Medium provision at Riverside Primary School, where children are taught solely through the medium of Gaelic. From primary 1 to the end of primary 3, pupils learn Gaelic through total immersion.  English literacy is introduced at the end of primary 3 and from then onwards, literacy skills progression is in Gaelic and English. 

High School - Gaelic education

Gaelic Medium provision is continued at Wallace High School where young people have the opportunity to progress their learning from S1-S3 into the Senior Phase leading to the award of National Qualifications.

Please note: Parents interested in accessing Gaelic Medium Primary provision should contact the school for further information.

Riverside Primary School inspections...

Education Scotland has responsibility for evaluating the quality of pre-school education, all schools, teacher education, community learning and development, further education and local authorities. They also publish reports about services for children and evaluate child protection services. 

Catchment areas...

Each school has it own geographic area called a catchment area. Normally, your child will attend your local catchment school. If you wish your child to attend a school other than the catchment school you are required to make a placing request. View Riverside Primary School's catchment area




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