Kitchen caddy (small)

Before you start

Please do not submit a request if any of the following apply:

  • your property does not yet qualify for a food waste caddy (please check the myBins page to find out)


Please call us if you need to arrange 3 or more recycle boxes or caddies for your household. Please leave your name and address in the Additional Info box below.


This form contains the following questions: (* = required)

  • Colour of Caddy *
    • Green
    • Grey
    • Not Known
  • Call Reason *
    • New
    • Replacement
    • Additional
  • Number of caddys *
  • New Property *
  • Additional information

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Need any assistance?

If you are unsure about anything or are having any problems, please email the Contact Centre or phone on 0845 277 7000 and we will be able to handle your request over the phone.