Stirling Local Development Plan 2014

We adopted the Stirling Local Development Plan in September 2014 and the Statutory SupplementaryGuidance in October 2014.

Adopted Local Development Plan (September 2014)

  1. LDP Part 1: Introduction, Vision, Spatial Strategy & Policies
  2. LDP Part 2: Settlement Plans; Ardeonaig - Keltie Bridge
  3. LDP Part 3: Settlement Plans; Killearn - Throsk.

LDP Action Programme

The LDP Action Programme (2014)

 All the background information related to the Adopted LDP is available to view here.

Legal Challenge

The Council has been notified of a legal challenge under section 238 of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997. The Court of Session Appeal seeks to:-

  • Suspend the LDP insofar as it fails to designate site H056 Airthrey Kerse for residential development.
  • Quash in parts the LDP insofar as it includes modifications recommended by Scottish Ministers' Reporter in relation to Issue 41 - H056 Airthrey Kerse, it fails to allocate sufficient land for future residential development to meet the requirement for a 5 year supply of effective housing, and it fails to allocate 300 houses in the Core Area as required by the Examination Reporter.

In the meantime, the LDP  remains valid and is still the development plan for the purposes of section 25 of the 1997 Act (i.e. the requirement to determine applications for planning permission in accordance with the development plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise).

In terms of progressing the review of the Local Development Plan, this is a separate process and unaffected at this stage by the challenge.

Development Plan Scheme 2016

The latest Development Plan Scheme setting out the timetable for producing the Stirling Local Development Plan 2 can be found here.

If you have any queries about anything relating to the Local Development Plan, please get in touch with the Planning & Policy team on (01786) 233660, or by e-mailing us.

Getting in Touch 

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If you have any queries on the Plan or process, or would like to be added to our database of LDP contacts, please contact the Planning Policy Team by email.

  • Emma Fyvie, Planning & Policy Team Leader, (01786) 233685
  • Richard Callender, Senior Planning Officer, (01786) 233662
  • Alistair Gemmell, Planning Officer, (01786) 233667
  • Michael Mulgrew, Graduate Planning Officer, (01786) 233664

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