Strathblane Nursery Inspection

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Strathblane Nursery Inspection

Thursday 9th March, 2017

Following an unannounced inspection, Strathblane Primary Nursery has been deemed ‘Very Good’ in both their quality of care and support, and their quality of management and leadership.

A key strength of the service noted by inspectors was the ‘warm, caring, safe, nurturing and respectful environment’ that children experienced, which allowed development of very good relationships with staff and friendships with the other children. Children enjoyed their nursery experience and were enthusiastic about the activities offered, eagerly joined in and keen to share their learning.

Staff recognised the importance of working with parents and were skilled at building positive relationships with all family members. This helped staff work together with parents and carers to support children in their development, and the child centred approach of staff valued children as individuals, promoted their rights and ensured their needs were met.

The report also detailed that children enjoyed playing outdoors and the service promoted children's health and well-being very well. Inspectors observed that there were many opportunities for children to learn about healthy lifestyles, and that they planted and grew vegetables and used what they had grown to make soup for snack time, were involved in recycling activities, had daily access to outdoor play and encouraged in good habits such as tooth brushing and hand washing. As a result, children could talk confidently about healthy food and had a good understanding of why they washed their hands.

It was noted that the service had started to operate extended days which offered the option of full days for children, and that staff worked well as a team and shared the ethos about the continued improvement of the service.

Head of Strathblane Nursery Sharon Cassidy said: “The recent inspection has highlighted the hard work of the staff team in providing motivating learning experiences in a nurturing nursery environment. I am delighted that the dedication of staff, and their commitment to the children and families of Strathblane Nursery class, has been recognised.”

Education Convenor Cllr Alistair Berrill said: “This was an excellent report and I would like to congratulate the children, the parents and the staff at the nursery.

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