Work begins on Old Harbour wall

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Work begins on Old Harbour wall

Friday 10th March, 2017


Preparations for repair work to the Old Harbour Wall at Riverside have now begun.

Stirling Council is to undertake a repair of the collapsed section of the Old Harbour Wall so that the site can be reopened. Work on the water pipes at the site will begin on the 20th March and will last for two weeks, and the construction works are planned to start in late April. All work is to be completed by Summer 2017.

This will allow residents and visitors access to be able to enjoy the riverside picnic site once again, and as the Old Harbour area is intended to be a river access point in the Stirling City Region Development plans, longer term planning will be considered over the coming months to develop a more comprehensive plan for this area.

It is hoped that this area will become a central point for visitors and residents to access the river and this will be planned in conjunction with other access and egress points along the river.

Stirling Council’s Environment Convenor Cllr Danny Gibson said: “This repair work represents the beginning of a transformational opportunity to develop the River Forth through Stirling which will be enjoyed by both residents and visitors. Transforming the River Forth back into the heart of Stirling will provide better access links, recreational opportunities, and will improve the wildlife and beauty of the river.”

Pictured (L-R) are Environment Convenor Cllr Danny Gibson, Sustainable Development Project Officer Julie McPhee and Sustainable Development Manager David Hopper.

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