Very Good Inspection for Cowie Nursery

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Very Good Inspection for Cowie Nursery

Tuesday 14th March, 2017

A recent unannounced inspection at the new Cowie Nursery has shown that the quality of care, support, leadership and management is ‘Very Good.’

The inspection team focussed on transitions, flexibility of environment, staff induction and self-evaluation during their visit, and observed that even at this early stage of the nursery, inspectors noted that there were ‘very clear signs that this was a management team which was already routinely checking the quality of how staff worked day to day and giving deep consideration to review and further development.’

The team were also described as ‘methodical and inclusive’ about gathering improvement feedback, offering good preparation for children joining and moving on from nursery. Detailed information parents provided about their child and discussions they had with staff helped staff prepare support their child specifically needed.

The management team had a strong aim that children would have a genuine influence on the development of the new nursery and its environment and we could see them helping this happen. The new nursery logo which featured on nursery correspondence and sweatshirts arose from consultation children contributed to and was designed by one of the nursery children.

The inspectors reported that the manager has a clear understanding of the direction of the service, ensuring all staff are part of the nursery development and demonstrating an inclusive approach.  The management team have clear processes in place for self-evaluation thus ensuring a very good standard of care and learning experiences.

Karen McLaughlin, Head of Cowie Nursery said: “As a nursery community we are delighted with our inspection report. It reflects our ongoing commitment to ensure high quality learning experiences for all our children, working in partnership with families and the community. Our beautiful new accommodation has lots of potential for exciting future developments.”

Chief Education Officer Kevin Kelman said: “We are delighted that the great work at Cowie Nursery has been recognised in the most recent inspection by the Care Inspectorate. The new premises, which the nursery shares with St Margaret’s Primary School, have provided fantastic facilities for Cowie's children and their families to learn through play indoors and outdoors.”

The full inspection report can be found at .

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