Maths challenge easy as 1-2-3 for St Ninian's Primary

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Maths challenge easy as 1-2-3 for St Ninian's Primary

Monday 3rd July, 2017

Callum, Emma and Alexander from Primary 6, St Ninian's Primary School

The Primary Enterprising Maths Challenge was held at Stirling University on the 24 May, with the trophy going to the children from St Ninian’s Primary School.

The challenge involved tasks such as making a poster, mental maths, and timed questions.

The children chose a theme of ‘history of measurement’ and their poster contained information about imperial and metric systems, famed Greek mathematician Archimedes, Flemish mathematician and physicist Simon Stevin, as well as historical data examining length, weight, area and capacity.

The final task, a Maths Relay, saw the children working as a team on one question at a time. This round showed off the children’s physical prowess on top of their mental abilities as they had to run to the tables to collect each question.

Stirling Council Education Committee Convener, Councillor Susan McGill, said: “I’d like to congratulate the children of St Ninian’s Primary, and indeed all the finalists, on their success at The Primary Enterprising Maths Challenge. Competitions like this are a great opportunity for young people to work as a team, and develop essential skills in a fun, challenging environment.’’

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