Stirling High pupils have reasons to Bee cheerful

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Stirling High pupils have reasons to Bee cheerful

Friday 7th July, 2017

Striling High School Beehive Project pupils

Pupils at Stirling High School are buzzing about their new Bee Hive project.

A bee hive has been installed on the roof of The Thistles Shopping Centre in Stirling to teach youngsters about bees and their vital importance to the environment.

The Stirling High School Bee Hive Project enables ten S1-S3 pupils to develop their enterprise skills as well as their literary and journalism abilities. They will be reflecting on their experience through the use of social media and by keeping an up-to-date blog on what they have learnt.

This project is the first example of Stirling High School’s Innovation Hub, which was developed by the school’s Parent Council. Aiming to create opportunities for young people by giving practical and financial support, the Bee Project encapsulates the whole ethos of Innovation Hub.

Innovation Hub’s development was led by Ian Wandless, Parent Council member.
He said: “The Bee Hive project allows young people the opportunity to develop a wide range of employability skills whilst doing something they feel passionate about. The project is just the beginning of an exciting programme of wide and varying events bringing something new to Stirling High School.”

The Bee Hive project incorporates many elements from the Curriculum for Excellence while promoting ethical, sustainable eco-business. It was delivered in a partnership venture between the school, The Thistles Shopping Centre and Plan Bee, which provides a fully managed beehive service.

Stirling Council’s Education Committee Convener, Councillor Susan McGill, said:  “The Bee Hive project is a fantastic opportunity for children to learn more about sustainability and develop a range of practical skills in an enjoyable and hands-on manner.”

Plan Bee CEO, Warren Bader, said: “Honeybees are vital for pollination and, therefore, our food security.  Providing beekeeping lessons for the Stirling High School pupils allows Plan Bee to pass on the craft of beekeeping to the next generation.  In turn, the pupils learn how important honeybees are in a fun, practical way.”

The Thistles Shopping Centre provided generous funding as well as conference facilities and a home for the hive. The school, Plan Bee and The Thistles all have a strong record of eco-awards for their environmental work including Green Eco Flags and Industry Green Apple Awards.

The lead teacher working on the project, Tom Ambrose, said: “It is about enabling and empowering our young people to lead and develop a range of leadership and business skills as well as specialised knowledge of bees and the environment. Hopefully, this project will continue to expand, with new hives being installed. This will allow the current group of young people the opportunity to mentor new pupils in the art in beekeeping.”

Centre Director of The Thistles, Phil Byrne, said: “Not only will this fantastic initiative from Stirling High School’s Innovation Hub provide valuable training and work experience for the pupils, it will also guarantee a safe and protected space for the bees and their hive.”

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