Launch of Stirling Monopoly sees Stirling Castle land top Mayfair address

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Launch of Stirling Monopoly sees Stirling Castle land top Mayfair address

Friday 6th October, 2017


An official Stirling version of Monopoly has hit stores today – with Stirling Castle landing the top Mayfair address.

A high profile launch ceremony at Stirling Castle has revealed what 34 leading Stirling landmarks will replace the famous London Monopoly addresses, such as Old Kent Road and Park Lane.

At the launch ceremony Stirling Castle and The Wallace Monument were announced as having landed on the board’s two leading sites, Mayfair and Park Lane respectively.

Other Stirling favourites starring on the board include The National Wallace Monument, the Robert The Bruce Statue, the University of Stirling, Stirling Albion FC and the ‘Andy Murray’ Golden Postbox in Dunblane.

Each gets to exclusively feature on their very own prime pieces of Monopoly real estate on the new board.

The Stirling board also boasts not one, but two jails - because the Stirling Old Town Jail has landed on the Old Kent Road location, while the original Monopoly jail stays in the same position.

The game also boasts customised Chance and Community Chest cards. One sees Stirling Albion making it to Hampden Park every single season while another rewards players with the ‘Freedom of the City of Stirling’ - just like tennis superstar Andy Murray.

Stirling Baillie Alasdair Tollemache, who was on hand to launch the game, said, “Stirling has many famous and historic landmarks which hold a special place in the hearts of visitors and residents alike. This new Stirling version of Monopoly is a great opportunity to celebrate what the region has to offer.”

Executive Manager of Stirling Castle, Liz Grant, said, “Stirling Castle is one of Scotland’s most iconic castles, occupying a prominent position in the Stirling skyline – and in Scottish history.

“Every year, visitors from all over the world flock to discover the fascinating history behind this magnificent monument, and marvel at its impressive medieval architecture.

“We’re delighted that Stirling Castle will occupy the leading space on the board of the Stirling Edition of Monopoly, which will showcase Stirling to a global audience.”

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