Planning Briefs

A planning brief is a document which sets out the planning authority's guidelines and requirements for the development of a particular site or collection of sites.

Planning briefs are usually produced for sites of a significant size, or for particularly sensitive sites which need more detailed guidance.

Stirling Council's planning briefs could contain information on:

  •     Council planning policies and supplementary guidance
  •     National planning policy and advice
  •     Suitable uses
  •     Tenure and phasing
  •     Design and layout
  •     Suitable boundaries
  •     Security and privacy
  •     Roads and transport
  •     Pedestrian access and rights of way
  •     Archaeological features
  •     Landscaping and open space
  •     Water and drainage and other services 

The Council has produced the following Planning Briefs which are available to be viewed or downloaded:

Station Wynd, Doune.
Argyll Centre, Princes Street, Stirling.
Burghmuir, Stirling.
Rainbow Slides, Goosecroft Road, Stirling.

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