Safer Communities

The Safer Communities Team aims to improve the quality of life for people working, living or visiting Stirling areas.

Partners continue to work together to engage with our communities and collect the harder evidence of antisocial behaviour trends across the Stirling area. The focus will continue on intervention to prevent antisocial behaviour either occurring or escalating, but will use enforcement measures when required, particularly to prevent further harm or distress  promote

safer, stronger and vibrant communities.

Community Safety is ensuring that people are safe from:

  • crime
  • disorder and danger and free from injury and harm
  • communities are resilient; and able to support individuals to take responsibility for their wellbeing.

We aim to provide support and coordinated roles by bringing together key players from  various service ie Housing Services,Social Services,Domestic Abuse and Alcohol & Drug Partnership - to create a multi-agency response team.

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Safer Communities Team
Customer First

1-5 Port Street
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Tel: 01786 233533

ASB Noise Enforcement Tel: 07717544926

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