Sports Village - Planned works

Last year (2015) we approved plans to develop Stirling Sports Village further, expanding it as the city’s main base for sport and leisure for both high level performance sport and recreational users. This is a long term plan and discussions are currently ongoing about what other sports might be accommodated at the wider site.


Car park improvement works are progressing well and from 15th August, all the new sections of car parking to the front of the PEAK will be open. 

In total, 123 additional car parking spaces have beencreated which, together with the 100 spaces in the newly lined car park to the east of Forthbank stadium, provides a significant increase in overall car parking provision. 

Redesigned and extended car parks provide clearly marked bays and are better lit and pedestrian walkways and paths provide ease of access into all the facilities in Stirling Sports Village for those travelling by bus, car, on foot or cycling. 

The next phase of works requires us to close off the car park to the north of the PEAK (area between 5-a-side pitches and PEAK sportshall). This will take place during week commencing Monday 8th August. While this is closed, pedestrian access to the football pitches will be maintained. 

On Monday 15th August 2016, parking enforcement will also come into effect, through a temporary order. This means that parking must be in designated bays only. Cars not parked within designated bays eg on yellow lines or on pavements or pathways will be subject to a parking ticket and fine. These are issued by the Parking Enforcement Officers who work for the local authority with more information available at 

We would like to thank the users of the Sports Village car parks for their ongoing patience while improvement works are ongoing. We hope that the new layout and increased parking provision together with the enforcement measures that are being introduced, will greatly improve car parking facilities for everyone. 

Why is this work being done now?

As well as improving things for visitors to the current site, in line with the long term aim of creating more improved facilities in the wider Sports Village site much of the work being done at this stage will also make any future development of the wider site easier.

How long will the work for this stage last?

When works began in February 2016 we had expected them to be completed by late May, however for a number of reasons work is now set to continue until late summer.

This is mainly because the scope of the work has changed to include a range of improvements that were not part of the original brief including a full upgrade of lighting on site and more drainage work.

Other changes to the plan include the creation of more additional parking space than had originally been planned for, including more accessible parking spaces. We will also now be providing a 20-rack hire station of Next Bikes on site.

In addition, working with Active Stirling, we have also reviewed phasing of the work to break it down into smaller chunks, which has meant taking out smaller areas of parking at any one time. This adds to the overall programme but hopefully also minimises disruption for customers.

Altogether we hope that this work will result in an even better site than had previously been envisaged and we appreciate your patience and understanding as work continues.

What arrangements are in place to minimise customer disruption during the works?

Work will be carried out on a phased basis to minimise disruption as much as possible. Alternative parking will be made available in the site's current overflow car park while work is ongoing.

Will you let me know about any changes to the work programme?

If for any reason there is a change to the expected completion date or the alternative parking arrangements that will be in place for their duration we will let you know as soon as possible here, through Stirling Council and Active Stirling’s social media accounts and/or via local media. Active Stirling will also inform customers by e-mail.

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