Social Services complaints procedure

We are committed to providing a good service to you and appreciate any comments or ideas that tell us where we are getting it right or where we may improve how we do things.

When we do not provide a good enough service or you are concerned that a service is not being provided when it should be, we want you to be able to tell us so that we can address it.  Making a complaint can be done by you or by someone acting on your behalf, in person or in writing.

The Complaints procedure is a 3 stage process.

Stage 1

Tell the person you are working with or ask to speak with their manager.  Be clear about what you want to complain about and tell us how you feel you would like it to be resolved.  We will acknowledge your complaint within 5 days of receipt.  Your complaint will be looked into and you should receive a response within 28 days.  If, after this, the complaint is not resolved, you can ask to escalate to Stage 2.

Stage 2

Your complaint will be referred to the Complaints Officer who works independently from local and senior managers and is employed by the Social Work Service to investigate complaints that remain unresolved at Stage 1.  This process should be completed with in 28 days but if, for good reason, it cannot you will be advised of this and a revised timescale agreed.

The Complaints Officer will provide a report to the Chief Social Work Officer detailing what has been found and making recommendations for resolving the complaint and addressing any areas for action by the Social Work Service.

Stage 3

If after Stage 2 of the complaints procedure your complaint remains unresolved you will be provided with the details of how to take your complaint further.

Throughout the investigation process you are free to contact your local Councillor or MP.

Withdraw your complaint at any stage

You can withdraw your complaint at any time.  Depending on the complaint, the Service may still complete its own enquiry to ensure there is nothing which requires correction.  We will apply the same levels of confidentiality to your complaint as we do to your case.  Information regarding your complaint will only be disclosed to those persons who need to know in order to investigate your complaint.  Should you wish to remain anonymous this can be considered but may limit the investigations which can be made.

For further information about the Complaints Procedure or to make a complaint, please download our  Complaints procedure leaflet or contact us:


Stirling Council Social Care Services
Wolfcraig Building
7 Dumbarton Road,

FK8 2LQ 


Telephone: 01786 404040

Prison-based Social Work

The Prison based Social Work Team is commissioned by the Scottish Prison Service to provide a link between the Prison and the community based Criminal Justice Service to assist in the sentence planning process.  The coordination of information and assessment during sentence planning is a multi-agency process.  Only complaints relating to the Social Work Service provided in the prison can be dealt with through the Clackmannanshire and Stirling Social Work Complaints procedure.

Care Inspectorate

The Care Inspectorate carry out formal inspections of Social Work Departments and Registered Care Services regularly.  Copies of their reports are available to view on their website.  The Inspectorate will also deal with complaints about Registered Care services.  You can telephone them on 0845 600 9527.

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