Community planning

Community Planning

Community Planning is a national framework putting our local communities at the heart of service delivery. It’s about public organisations working with local communities to improve the public services available in their area. It’s also about sharing resources and skills to tackle issues that affect us all such as health, transport, employment, housing, education and community safety.

Complex issues like these are the responsibility of several organisations and they need a shared response, not only from public sector agencies (such as the NHS or Police) but also from local businesses, voluntary organisations and communities.

Stirling Community Planning Partnership

Stirling Council has a duty, through the Stirling Community Planning Partnership to bring together organisations and communities to identify what the community needs and to jointly agree and prioritise actions to deliver them.

More on the Stirling Community Planning Partnership. To contact the partnership email  

Getting Involved

We invite residents,community representatives and local businesses to take part in all aspects of Community planning, including participating on working groups. Action Plans from Area Community Planning Forums and Local Community Action Plans feed into the priorities of the Stirling Community Planning Partnership.


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