Tackling Poverty Framework

Stirling Council and Stirling Community Planning Partnership have approved a Tackling Poverty Framework for Stirling. This Framework was developed out of a desire to take a broad and holistic approach to address the factors that increase the likelihood of poverty, and at the same time take action to minimise impacts on individuals, families, households and communities.  

The Framework commits Partners in Stirling to tackle the underlying causes and mitigate the impacts of poverty and:

  • Focus on people wherever they live in the Stirling area but address place where there are concentrations of deprivation and structural issues wherever they have a negative impact
  • Make poverty sensitive budget and service planning decisions and screen proposals for any negative impact on geographical communities or on groups of people in Stirling.
  • Work towards a coherent approach across policy and service delivery to reduce the risk of unintended negative impact.
  • Ensure that our understanding of local poverty is informed by accurate data gathering and analysis that is regularly updated to account for changing circumstances.
  • Raise awareness of poverty and inequalities in the Stirling area and ensure that Councillors, officers and others understand their responsibilities in tackling poverty.
  • Act as a fair employer and assess the impact of employment decisions on the wider community
  • Treat all our citizens with dignity, write and talk sensitively about areas with deprivation and people experiencing poverty
  • Engage with local people, involve people in decisions that affect them and enable people to prepare themselves for a life free from poverty. 

Action Plan

Poverty Sensitive Decision Making

Poverty sensitive decision making helps to support the decision making process by identifying possible negative impacts of decisions being considered and made by Community Planning partners, on people experiencing poverty.

Background Paper
Guidance - Poverty in Stirling

Notes of Meetings:-

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