Significant investment and boost for social care in Stirling budget 

Stirling Council has agreed its budget for 2017/18, which will see investment of £1.8min social care services and £400,000 in Children and Families services to support Stirling’s most vulnerable people and tackle inequality. 

At a meeting of the Full Council (Thursday 23rd February) Councillors also agreed over £17 million of investment in capital projects, including floodschemes, renovation of school and community facilities, internet connectivity and sport. Of this, £2million will fund projects to support the City Region Deal, including investment in both rural and urban areas. 

Over £650,000 has been set aside for various projects across the area, including Old Age Isolation, Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) in rural Stirling, sustainable repairs to roads and footpaths, apprenticeship programme, High Street improvement, advice services, support for after-school care and Credit Union development.  

Councillors also voted not to increase the locally agreed Council Tax rate at the 2016/17 rate to protect the pockets of Stirling residents. 

Council Leader Johanna Boyd said: “This budget aims to protect the vital services Stirling Council provides while ensuring that we also protect the pockets of Stirling’s residents. We are dedicated to improving Stirling’s urban and rural infrastructure and our commitment to fund various capital projects over the coming year will mean that various areas will benefit. Our City Region Deal will also provide a huge boost to both the local and national economy, and over the next 12 months funding will be provided for projects to support this. 

“We are only able to deliver this through robust financial management and the tough decisions we have already made through our Priority Based Budgeting (PBB) approach. The savings we are having to make between 2012 and 2022 are £47m.Cuts of this level are not sustainable for us as a Council, or any other Scottish local authority.” 

Depute Council Leader Neil Benny said: “As a local authority, it is particularly important that we also work to create growth and boost Stirling’s economy, helping to bring in jobs and opportunities, deliver better services, and improve the lives of all our citizens. As such, we have established robust and effective growth and investment programmes to focus on our priorities, address key issues for our communities, build on our strengths and help position Stirling as a place of enterprise and opportunity for all.” 

National changes to Council Tax rates for Band E-H properties mean Band E rates will increase by £109.73 a year, Band F by £216.13, Band G by £349.13 and Band H by £538.65 (affecting 17,331 Stirling households in total). All affected households have already been notified of these changes by letter.

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