Bullying and harassment

We are committed to providing a safe,supportive environment for all people in our educational establishments. Schools can make a difference through their commitment to tackling the issues of bullying.

Bullying has four common features...

  • it is deliberate, hurtful behaviour
  • it can be aggressive and violent
  • it is repeated
  • it is difficult for those being bullied to defend themselves

There are different types of bullying...

  • physical: pushing, kicking, punching, hitting or any use of or threatened use of physical violence
  • verbal: name calling, sarcasm, spreading rumours, teasing, misuse of messaging systems, making derogatory comments about someone either written or verbal
  • emotional: excluding, being deliberately unfriendly, tormenting, racial taunts, threatening or rude gestures
  • menacing: applying undue pressure to persuade victim to comply with demands

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In our schools...

We have developed a positive behaviour and bullying policy.  As part of this policy our schools are developing a restorative approach to resolving conflict.  This explains more about this approach and explains how you can support your child.

For more information visit BBC Understanding Bullying and Bullying Online.

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