Instrumental tuition terms and conditions


  • To help as many children as resources and time will allow to learn how to play a musical instrument/sing.
  • To provide children with an opportunity to develop the skills to read and play music.
  • To ensure that children are given the opportunity to perform both at school and council level.
  • To ensure that children are supported and encouraged to reach their full musical potential.


  • New instrumental pupils are offered trial lessons for 6 weeks. 
  • We offer group tuition. Pupils taking SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) courses at secondary school may be offered one to one tuition.
  • Lessons last approximately 25-30 minutes and are limited to one instrument/voice. Pupils receiving tuition at the RCS Music Works are not entitled to lessons in school as well.
  • The Instrumental Service strongly advises against having more than one teacher.
  • You will receive an annual written report.
  • Pupils are expected to take part in school extra-curricular activities on their instrument/voice.
  • Pupils are expected to participate in school/council concerts.
  • External exams are at the discretion of the Music Tutor.

Instruments/music etc.

  • You will have to purchase music and accessories, (reeds, strings, rosin etc).
  • Parents are responsible for any repair(s) due to negligence. No repairs should be carried out without the agreement of the Senior Music Tutor. If an instrument is lost, it is the parents’ responsibility to replace it.
  • Please insure an instrument on loan with your house contents policy.


  • The payment is a contribution towards the cost of running the scheme for as many children as possible. Pro rata fees will be applicable when there is long term absence by the tutor or the child, but not in the case of school trips, events or local holidays. Pupils will be offered a minimum of thirty lessons per academic year.
  • Non-payment of fees will result in action being taken to recover the due amount and withdrawal of the service from your child. When the fee has been paid, the pupil may be given their space back on the timetable if it is still available, but the parent/carer will be liable to pay the full fee for the term.
  • Withdrawal from lessons after fees are due will result in total payment for the term being necessary. Withdrawal at other times will result in pro rata fees being applicable.
  • Fees are due three times per school year towards the end of each term (e.g. mid November for Term 1) and must be paid promptly.
  • Fees are still due for pupils moving on to SQA courses in May. Free tuition does not start until August.

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