Nurseries and playgroups

See also : Parenting and family support


Playgroups provide part-time play for children aged between 2½ and 5 years, some  groups cater for younger children. Most are run by groups of parents, although some may be privately owned.

Playgroups rely on parents/carers who volunteer their services but all groups also employ at least one paid playleader and/or assistant.

Some playgroups have entered into partnership arrangements with us and are providing places for pre-school children and/or 3 year olds on a commissioned basis.

Playgroups require to be registered by the Care Inspectorate.  

Toddler groups

Toddler groups provide opportunities for parents and carers (including childminders) and children to meet together to play, share experiences, offer mutual support and to take part in joint activities.


Nurseries provide early learning and childcare for children under school age. Some nurseries provide out of school childcare facilities like breakfast and after school childcare. 

The nurseries are either funded or managed by us, individual owners, private companies or voluntary organisations in partnership with us. If you wish information on partnership arrangements please contact the Early Childhood Co-ordination Officer on 01786 233206. 

Free learning and childcare provision

Please refer to the Admissions Guidance for all children eligible for the free early learning and childcare provision. Application forms can be obtained from your first choice nursery and returned to them once completed. More information is available in our Parent's Guide to Early Learning and Childcare Admissions and Charges Policy.

Entitled Places

Commissioning is the term used to describe the formal arrangement where we commission entitled places for 3 and 4 year olds from partners. It includes payments by us, at an agreed rate, for the places provided by the voluntary or private sector partner provider. These providers are sometimes called commissioned partners or partner centres or, sometimes partner providers. 

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