Housing Day 2016

We all have a housing journey!

Scottish Housing Day is all about getting to know more about your housing options and the choices available to everyone when looking for a home.

Everyone needs a home. There are 5,373,000 people living in Scotland and we all need a safe warm place to live.

On Scottish Housing Day you’ll be able to find out more. 

Find out more about the 2016 #ScottishHousingDay campaign. 

Resident's Stories

Tenants “over the moon” with new Kitchens and Bathrooms

180 bathrooms and 200 kitchens will be getting a new lease of life this year as our Tradespeople get to work across the Stirling Council area.  

Mrs Tough from Braehead had a wetroom installed a few months ago and is appreciating the extra space in her bathroom. She said, “I have some problems with my back, so the grab rails and safety flooring really help.”

All tenants choose how their new rooms will look, with officers visiting tenants to chat about the design before the work starts. Mrs Tough was really pleased with the results. She said, “My family and I were really over the moon with the room when it was finished.”

Mrs Skinner, who has lived in her home in Cowie for almost 30 years, had her kitchen and bathroom replaced this year. She said, “The workmen did a brilliant job and we had a good laugh. They really couldn’t do enough for me.” She is thoroughly enjoying her new kitchen and will be making her favourite dinner, mince and tatties, for her brother who is coming to visit soon.

Carol Ogilvie, Development Officer, works with tenants and staff to make sure the whole process goes smoothly. She says, “The Council has continued to invest in the kitchen and bathroom programme each year, helping to improve the quality of our housing stock. It’s very rewarding to see how satisfied tenants are with the result.”

It seems like the hard work of the team is paying off as initial results of our Satisfaction Survey show more of you are satisfied with the standard of your home.

Thanks for giving us such great feedback!   

Ronnie’s memories of Raploch

Ronnie has lived in Raploch most of his life, with a short stay in a ‘Scottish Special’ house in Cornton along the way. He has been a Stirling Council tenant his whole adult life. We popped along to speak to him about some of his memories of the houses in Raploch over the years.

Ronnie remembers living with his family in Gowanhill Gardens in the mid-Fifties. It was around the time of the Queen’s coronation, when all school pupils were given a mug and a piece of chocolate to celebrate. “The houses had flat roofs and metal windows. We had good summers there and good winters too, with proper snow. It might have been freezing, but it was good.” The homes were full of warm memories, but we’re not sure they would meet the strict Energy Efficiency standards that Stirling Council work to today. 

Once married, he moved into his first home in Athol Place. It had a coal fire, cast iron bath and a pantry instead of a fridge. The “good old days”, as Ronnie says, “it was the best toast you could make, the outsider of plain bread on that coal fire.”

He was decanted into another house while gas was fitted to the property. “What a difference when the gas went in, we went mad with it! Well, until the bill came in.” Raploch has changed a lot over the years and Ronnie believes things have changed for the better. He can’t imagine moving from his current house.

There’s lots of great things happening in the area and Ronnie wants to see more members of the community getting involved. Ronnie is an active volunteer with Raploch Community Partnership. He helps out with community activities which run all week, every week. You can find a copy of the timetable here.

Raploch Community Partnership received funding from the Voluntary Action Fund for their new Connect Project which aims to bring people from the community together. If you have memories of Raploch from the past that you would like to share they will be holding some events over the next year. If you would like to get in touch you can pop in to their community space, find them on Facebook (Raploch Corner), Twitter (@RaplochCorner) or give them a call on 01786 272358.   

Tenant to Tenant –Dunblane

Dolly Gemmell is a tenant from Dunblane. She is active in her community, running events for Arthritis Care and organising the weekly Whist club.  Dolly also spends her time as a tenant representative with Stirling Council Housing Service. She is the Dunblane representative on the Housing Advisory Group and attends quarterly meetings with Repairs Staff. Dolly is the treasurer for Stirling Tenants Assembly, an independent group who are a voice for tenants across the Stirling area.

Just in case all this hard work wasn’t enough, she wants to make sure that Stirling Council tenants have every chance to have their views heard by speaking directly to tenants every Fortnight at Dunblane’s local council office. What a busy woman!

Dolly is holding a drop in on a Friday morning every fortnight through September, October and November from 10am – 12pm. So if you want to chat to someone about your house, your community or just find out who is best to speak to about a question you have, then pop in for a chat with Dolly.

Dunblane Local Office, 10am – 12pm

  • 30th September
  • 14th, 28th October
  • 11th, 25th November


Thornhill residents praise Stirling Council’s “Lovely Development”

“I think the houses are all really pretty” Isabella (Age 10, Thornhill Primary School)

On the 26th of August the doors were open for local people to have a look around the new homes in Thornhill, the first Council Housing for 40 years. People were really positive about the new builds saying, “They are finished to a really high standard” and have “great views” across the surrounding countryside.

Planning permission was granted for development of The Glebe in June last year and now families are set to start moving into the properties. The houses comprise of two one-bedroom and two two-bedroom cottage flats; two two-bedroom semi-detached houses; and one three and one four-bedroom detached house.

The homes are built to high energy efficiency standards, including a battery storage PV panel system. It is estimated that the panels will provide over 50% of the hot water for the properties.

Stirling Council’s Housing Convenor, Councillor Violet Weir, said: “We are committed to providing new social housing for those who need it and it’s absolutely fantastic to be able to make new Council homes available for residents in Thornhill for the first time since the early 1970s.

“The community played an important part at the heart of the design process for this development and I’m delighted that it comprises a number of different housing types to accommodate a variety of family sizes, both large and small.

“I’m sure this development will give a real boost to the already thriving village.”

Stirling Tenants Assembly

The STA represent the views of tenants across the Stirling Council area and meet regularly with staff and councillors to make sure tenants voices are heard.

We asked their Chairperson, Hugh McClung, to tell us a bit about the STA and their journey since they formed.

Tell us how the Stirling Tenants Assembly formed

Following the Stirling Council’s policy on Tenant Participation in 2000, the group was formed from a Steering Group in 2003 with just 8 people!

What has been the group’s biggest achievement to date?

In 2008, we were awarded a trophy for the Best in Tenant Participation for our “How To” Guide on Tenant Led Inspections.  This was a big feather in the cap of the group supported by Stirling Council, TPAS and the Scottish Government.

What is your own biggest achievement to date?

In 2015, I was awarded an MBE for commitment to the Tenants Community for over 40 years.   I never dreamt for one moment that I would ever receive a major award such as this.  It is my biggest honour to represent tenants’ views across all areas within Stirling and in Scotland.

What are the STA’s plans for the next year?

To relate to and contact more tenants to get their views on the Housing Service and to ensure that tenants’ views continue to be paramount in how that service is provided. With the support of our partners (Stirling Council and TPAS), we will achieve this and spread the word about Tenant Participation.

What has been your most memorable moment as a tenant’s representative?
There have been so many memorable moments, sometimes tenants ask for us to help them to get strange things fitted in all council homes, like bidets! Even I asked if I could have a Conservatory, since I had all other mod-cons fitted and this was the only thing I could think of.  Of course it’s not materialised, but maybe one day, who knows!

What would be your top tip for someone who would like to start getting involved with housing?

Learn about your community, their aims, aspirations and issues affecting them. It’s important to think of your whole community. Then, develop your Housing skills, learning about the service and what it involves. Do that, and you will be well equipped to represent your communities and yourself.





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