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Aberfoyle Slate Quarries:  Fragments of an earlier world - Louis Scott

57 pages.  Illustrated.  A look at the quarries of Aberfoyle and of the men who worked them.

£4.50 (£1.80)



Ale in Stirling: a celebration – Edward Burns

112 pages. Illustrated. A history of the local brewing industry and its demise. Also highlights the best places to get real ale in the area (2004)

£3.25 (£1.80)




The History of Dunblane - Alexander B. Barty

312 pages. In depth look at the history of Dunblane to 1994

£8 (£3.00)




The Battle of Sheriffmuir Based on Eye Witness Accounts – Bill Inglis

60 pages. Illustrated. The story of the battle based on twelve eye witness accounts.

£3.95 (£1.80)




Bridge of Allan in old postcards: a story in pictures 1895-1945 – J Malcolm Allan

64 pages. Illustrated. The story of the development of the village as a spa prior to the Second World War.

£3.50 (£1.80)




A Week at Bridge of Allan – Charles Roger

404 pages. Illustrated. A reprint of a nineteenth century account of holidays in the spa village and everyday life there.

£5.50 (£2.30)




Buchlyvie: A Village in Stirlingshire – JR Bureau

64 pages.  Illustrated. History of the village from the earliest times to 1996

£3.00 (£1.80)




Bygone Days in Cambusbarron – PT Paterson

64 pages. Illustrated. The story of the village from the earliest times through to the mid-twentieth century.

£3.25 (£1.80)




Discover Old Stirling – Craig Mair

64 pages. Illustrated. A local history of the city written for children with school projects in mind.

£4.95 (£2.30)




Doocots of Stirlingshire – Alison Logie

44 pages. Illustrated. Locations and photographs of the surviving doocots of Stirlingshire, with a brief history and note of those that have vanished.

£3.50 (£1.80)




Drymen and Buchanan: A Further Selection of Old Photographs – Mary B Bruce

64 pages. Illustrated. More photographs from the local Heritage Society’s collection, spanning the period from 1892.

£3.00 (£1.80)




Fallin: the kids and the library

£1.00 (£1.40)




Fallin – tales from a mining village – Hugh G Kerr

64 pages. Illustrated. The story of the village from the late nineteenth century through to 1991.

£2.00 (£1.80)




Fintry Faces and Places In Old Photographs – Margaret McEwan

40 pages. Illustrated. A collection of twentieth century photographs of the village.

£2.00 (£1.40)




First Generations: The Stirling Area from Mesolithic to Roman Times – Lorna Main

44 pages. Illustrated. Written by Stirling Council’s Archaeology Officer

£4.99 (£1.80)




Growing Up in Cowie and Bannockburn - Elizabeth Wheeler

126 pages. Life in the two local villages prior to the Second World War. An absorbing read and our most recent title!

£4.95 (£1.80)




The Home Front, Stirling 1939-45 – Jayne Stephenson

32 pages. Illustrated. A look at life in Stirling during the Second World War by Stirling’s then Local History Officer.

£1.50 (£1.30)




Industries of Stirling and District

230 pages. Illustrated. Originally printed in 1909 and reprinted in 1998. Contains information and photographs of the major companies in the area in the early twentieth century.

£10.00 (£3.40)




Killin in Old Photographs – Kay Riddell

64 pages. Illustrated. Photographs of the village throughout the twentieth century from the local Heritage Society’s collection

£2.00 (£1.30)




The Public Library Stirling 1904-2004: A Brief Centenary History– Steve Dolman

24 pages. Illustrated. A fascinating look at the story of the main library in Stirling, and the important people and events in its history.

£1.50 (£1.10)




Rare Glimpses of Rhyme and Reason – Eunice Wyles

52 pages. Stirling poet Eunice Wyles covers an interesting mix of topics with refreshing originality and pawky humour in an imaginative collection

£2.95 (£1.30)




The Shielings and Drove Ways of Loch Lomondside – John Mitchell

32 pages. Illustrated. An account of how cattle and goats were moved to stock markets from Loch Lomondside  until the early part of the twentieth century.

£2.95 (£1.30)




Stirling’s Talking Stones – Various authors

56 pages. Illustrated. A look at the great and the good buried in the cemeteries at what has always been called the Top of the Town”.

£2.00 (£1.80)



The Buchanans - Mary B. Bruce

23 pages.  Illustrated.  Reprinted in 2002, this publication was written to answer some of the many queries from Buchanans visiting West Stirlingshire.

£2.00 (£1.40)



Strathendrick in Old Photographs – Mary B Bruce

64 pages. Illustrated. A collection of photographs from the Drymen and District Local History Society’s collection, covering the area from Fintry to Balmaha.

£1.50 (£1.80)




Strathyre, Balquhidder and Lochearnhead In Old Photographs – Ewen W Cameron

64 pages. Illustrated. Photographs from the Victorian era through to 1994

£2.95 (£1.80)




Suffrage in Stirling: The Struggle for Women’s Votes – Lynn M Brewster

46 pages. Illustrated. An interesting look at the suffrage movement locally through to 1914.

£4.95 (£1.80)



Polmaise 1 & 2 (Millhall) Mining Fatalities - Archie Bone

79 pages.  Illustrated.  A look at mining fatalities at Polmaise 1 and 2 colliery.

£4.00 (£1.80)



Tunnellers, Tango Dancers and Team Mates: Killin Goes Electric – Gillean M Ford

32 pages. Illustrated. A look at the introduction of electricity in Killin in the 1950s and the stories of some of the many people involved.

£2.50 (£1.80)



The Mental Feast of Pure Delight:  Stirling through travellers' eyes 1600-1870 - Robert Ritchie

66 pages.  Illustrated.  A look at a selection of extracts from the accounts of travellers to Stirling between 1600 and 1870.

£3.50 (£1.80)


Stirling Letters - Isabella Murray Wright

130 pages.  Illustrated.  First published in 1998 this book is a private family journal and a delightful guide to the manners and customs of 150 years ago.

£6.50 (£1.80)



Battle of Bannockburn Poster

£6.00 (£2.85)



Battle of Stirling Bridge Poster

£4.00 (£2.00)

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