Emergency planning

Emergency planning is the general term for the work that:

  • the Government,
  • the Emergency Services
  • the Health Services and
  • the Council

all do in preparing plans and procedures for dealing with any emergency that may affect large numbers of people.

Stirling Council Resilience and Risk Unit was set up with the aim of preparing, maintaining and co-ordinating a robust and effective response to emergencies in the Council Area.

The unit works to assess a range of risks at both a local and national level. 

The risk assessment stage enables the unit to plan for the potential consequences of an emergency and   through this process of careful planning, the unit aims to reduce the impact an incident may have on Stirling’s communities and businesses.

We also:

  • Identify the most vulnerable in the community
  • Prioritise the services they may need
  • Deliver those services in the most efficient, timely and effective way possible

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