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In recent years we have undertaken surveys of users of the
Development Control Service. We wanted to know what our customers think about the service they receive. We devised two questionnaires, one was sent to our applicants and agents, and the other was sent to people who have submitted comments on an application.

The survey results have been published in two reports which are available here.

Archive Reports  from 2008:
Applicants & Agents Satisfaction Survey
Contributors Satisfaction Survey

Other Reports:
Planning Service Improvement Plan 2010/11
Planning Service Improvement Plan 2012/13

Planning Performance Framework:

Feedback Report 2011-2012

Planning Performance Framework 2012/13 - Feedback Report 2012/13

Planning Performance Framework 2013/14 - Feedback Report 2013/14

Planning Performance Framework 2014/15 - Feedback Report 2014/15

Planning Performance Framework 2015/16 - Feedback Report 2015/16 

Planning Performance Framework 2016/17

On the whole the results are very positive and indicate a high level of customer satisfaction with the service that we provide. However there are a number of areas where it is clear that we can improve, and we are taking steps to do so.

If you have any comments or suggestions please Email us.

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