Grass cutting and verge maintenance

We manage and maintains grass open space areas.
Grass is cut on average 16 times per year.
Grass clippings are not collected and are left to naturally break down on the grass surface.

Your questions answered on grass cutting.

To find out who is responsible for grass in public open spaces, refer to the table below. To request a service please use the appropriate link.

Location of Grassed Area Comment Service Responsible Contact
Football Pitches Land Services Forthbank Tel: 01786 448308
Cemeteries Stirling Council Area Cemeteries Officer


Tel 01786 442559

School Playing Fields Land Services Childrens Services
Private Gardens Only if on Garden Maintenance Scheme Land Services Tel: 01786 443550
Childrens Play Areas Within immediate area of play equipment Land Services Tel: 01786 430120
Country Park Plean Land Services Countryside Service
Outside 30MPH Limit Roads Repair Service Contact Centre
Trunk Road BEAR
Motorway AMEY


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