Street care and cleaning - toilets

Public Toilets

There are 15 public conveniences maintained and operated within the Council area.

Facilities Management Services have 6 staff who clean and service the facilities.

In some areas a Comfort Partnership has been set up within the local community. This is a formal arrangement between the Council and a local business that has agreed to let members of the public use its facilities. 

Most public conveniences have access for people with a disability. 

Some public conveniences in remote locations are closed during winter months.


List of Public Conveniences and Comfort Partnerships

Comfort Partnership Scheme

A Comfort Partnership Scheme (CPS) involves a formal agreement between the Council and a partner who was already providing toilets for the use of its patrons. The agreement extends the use of these facilities for wider public usage and allows for the public conveniences to be signed as publicly available. In recompense, the partner is entitled to a small payment to augment extra cleaning, etc and the facility will benefit from direct promotion of the business/facility by the Council.

This scheme is intended to supplement or replace existing poor facilities, without the need to consider new build. It is accepted that the CPS may not be appropriate for high demand locations where more traditional, direct provision of public conveniences will continue to be provided directly by the Council.

Improving Public Access to better Public Toilets - Stirling Council's Comfort Partnership Scheme

Public Conveniences - Service Review


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