Transport & Streets - New Developments

The aim of Roads Development Control within the Network Management Team is to ensure that new development is delivered in ways that promote sustainable travel and safeguard the efficient functioning of the transport system.  All works carried out within the public road, occupy a part of the road or to construct a new road is managed through Legislation provided by the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984.  The team is responsible for giving advice on all transportation related matters for planning applications for new developments including

Pre-application discussions

Parking requirement standards

Transport Assessments

Assessing and processing applications for Road Construction Consent and Inspection of ongoing works.

The Policy "Designing Streets" will be used to assess new residential development proposals and the Council is presently updating its own local development guidance for roads to reflect this.  In the interim early consultation is advised with Roads Development Control to discuss all aspects of the development in terms of traffic generation, accessibility, safety, site layout, SUDs and construction details.

The team also gives transportation advice on all permissions and permits required to work on or occupy the road.  For advice on any of the above  please feel free to contact us on 0845 2777000 or at

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