Transport policy

How we choose to travel and the efficiency and effectiveness of our transport networks affect our economy, our environment, our ability to access services and opportunities, our communities and our health.

Each Scottish local authority is required to produce a Local Transport Strategy (LTS). Stirling's Local Transport Strategy sets out the Council's transport policies and programmes which support the Council's and the Stirling Community Planning Partnership's economic, social and environmental objectives. Stirling's LTS also seeks to support the national and regional transport strategies.

Local Transport Strategy

Within Stirling the Local Transport Strategy document sets out the Council's overarching objectives.

Stirling's Local Transport Strategy 2006 (full document)

Stirling's Local Transport Strategy 2006 (summary document)

How the strategy is delivered is set out via a number of supporting plans:

Draft Active Travel Plan

City Transport Plan 2013

Towns, Villages and Rural Area Transport Plan 2014

Road Safety Plan

Road Asset Management Plan

'Ensuring a Choice of Access to New Developments' Supplementary Guidance

Monitoring and Review

It is important that the success in delivering Stirling's Local Transport Strategy is kept under review. We will produce Annual Monitoring Statements to keep everyone informed of delivery, plus undertake regular programme and strategy reviews:

LTS Key Indicators

2011 LTS Mid-term Strategy Review (full document)

2011 LTS Mid-term Strategy Review (summary)

2012/13 LTS Annual Monitoring Statement

2013/14 LTS Annual Monitoring Statement

2016 LTS Strategy Review

Supporting Publications

Towns, Villages and Rural Area Transport Plan Consultation Summary, 2013

City Transport Strategy 2007 (full document) (superseded by City Transport Plan 2013)


Please direct any queries with regard to Stirling's Local Transport Strategy to:

Phone: 01786 404040

Email: Transport Planning and Access Team 

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