Many communities in the Stirling area have a local community plan or have the opportunity to develop a plan.  These local plans form the foundation of the Community Planning process. The plan assesses the area's current position, identifies future trends/needs, and notes actions and recommendations prioritised by the community. 

Local Plans assist the community to decide on their immediate priorities and also those more long term strategic priorities that will need partnership action to make changes within the community and to service delivery.  The plan is owned, developed and updated by the community. 

These plans form the base for the priorities of area community planning.

As part of the Community Planning process, communities can develop a Local Community Plan to highlight issues in their area. If your community would like to develop a plan, the Community Engagement Team has developed a Guide to help give you a starting point.

Get in touch if you need more support or would like to chat through the process.

Last updated: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 2:51 PM