One of the most gifted musicians of her generation, Sharon Shannon, from Co. Clare, played accordion and fiddle from an early age along with other members of her family. She toured with the Waterboys and released her best selling eponymous album, ‘Sharon Shannon’ in 1991.

Since then she has recorded numerous successful albums, with contributions from a host of musicians.

Her high -octane brand of trad music, is complimented by Alan Connor, who provides a new and highly effective accompaniment. With the use of a foot-stomp providing the beat and his boogie-woogie style on the piano, his music owes its origins in sound more to the tradition of New Orleans and the old blues masters than any Irish tradition. Alan also plays electric guitar and with the use of loops manages to combine all these instruments simultaneously.

Sparks fly between this pair as the energy and sound created by both together is at once powerful and compelling.

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Friday 4 October 2019 a 8:00 pm 2 Hours 30 mins Tolbooth phone language
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