What is Temporary Accommodation?

Temporary accommodation is an address where individuals and families can go if they become homeless. It is a safe place where we will endeavour to support you in deciding what you want to do next.

Supporting you

We can provide a range of support to help you including practical advice and information. The service is voluntary and you can decide to stop using the service at any time.  Our staff will support you and work with you to help you feel in control of your own life and your own decisions. We know that you may feel frightened sometimes, but in our experience, you can grow to feel happy and to have things to look forward to that you have decided for yourself.  We have a lot of experience and information which we will use to help you find the right path. And if we can't answer all your questions or provide you with all the help and support you need, then we will refer you to an appropriate agency that will be able to help you.

Your Children

You may be worried about taking your children away from their home to somewhere they don't know and the upset this may cause them. A lot of children come to temporary accommodation and our workers help them to cope with the ups and downs of their experience. Staff will also work with you to sort out your child's schooling and help you to communicate with the school including transport arrangements, assist with access to GP's, Health Visitors etc


Last updated: Friday, November 26, 2021 9:48 AM