Garages/lock-ups and pitch sites

  • A garage or lock-up is a structure leased from the Council for the storage of a car, motorbike or motor-scooter.
  • A pitch site is a piece of ground leased from the Council for parking a car, motorbike, motor-scooter or a small van.

There are two types of pitch sites:

  • A Hard site which has either a concrete or a tarmac surface
  • A Soft site has no hard surface and it is often bare ground.  

Applying for a garage or a pitch site

You can rent a garage or pitch site from Stirling Council if you are:
  • aged 16 and over 
  • working or living within the Council area 
  • not owing the Council any outstanding debts or if you do you must have made 12 consecutive payments to any or every outstanding debt(s) to the Council.  

Application Forms

If you wish to apply for a garage, lock-up or a pitch site, you can download one of the forms above depending on your area preference and return the form to:

Housing Services
Allan Water House
Kerse Road, 


Last updated: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 2:52 PM