If you have rent arrears, we can help

We will contact garage and pitch site tenants as soon as a payment is missed.

If you are unable to pay your garage or pitch site rent, please call us on 01786 404040 and ask for the Garage and Pitch Site Team. We can help you if you contact us.

If you are unable to clear the arrears, you'll normally be asked to agree a suitable arrangement to catch up any missed payments.

If you don't contact us, or fail to keep to any arrangements, we can take steps to repossess the garage or pitch site. Unlike Council properties, garages or pitch sites can be repossessed without the need for the Council to apply to the court.

If a garage or pitch site is repossessed and contains possessions, the Council will contact the former tenant and ask them to remove them. If the Council has to clear the garage or pitch site, the cost of the clearance, and the cost of a lock change, if necessary, will be charged to the former tenant. This is in addition to any arrears outstanding.

If you need help or advice about your garage or pitch site rent and/or arrears, contact the Garage and Pitch Site Team on 01786 404040. It is always best to contact us to discuss your account, before the level of the arrears becomes a problem.

What are the rent-free weeks?

For garages, the Council charges you rent for 48 weeks of the year, rather than 52 weeks. This means that there are two weeks at Christmas and two weeks in March when if you are paying the full amount due each week, you will not need to pay rent over these four free weeks.

If you have missed rent payments, you will be asked to keep to any agreement to repay the amount owed over the rent-free weeks.

Last updated: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 2:55 PM