If you need a garage lock-up or a pitch site, you can apply for one following the information above.

You can apply for a garage lock-up or pitch site by downloading and completing one of the forms above depending on your area preference, you might want to have a look at both forms and complete one.

*After you have completed the forms, please ensure you have signed and dated it to avoid any delays in processing your application form.

You can return your application form to your Local Housing Officer who will send it to the garage team or you can post it to the address on the form.

Once your application has been received, the garage team will process it and if a garage comes up for allocation and you are the next on the list, the team will contact you either by phone or letter to discuss further if you are happy to take up that garage or pitch site. 

Yes. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria above, your application may be refused or suspended.

You should notify the garage team of changes of contact details such as your address, telephone or mobile number.

Yes. If you wish to put up a structure on your garage pitch site, you can do so by speaking to one of the team members for further information

The garages are meant to be used only for the storage of your car, motorbike or motor-scooter.

*For safety reasons please note you are not allowed to store any other materials in the lock-ups especially flammable or explosive items such as gas cylinders, you should also note that you are not to connect any source of power energy to the garage.   

If you have any complaints or comments, you can report it to either your Local Housing Officer or the garage team who will see to it that the problem is dealt with.

If you are going on holidays, you should pay your rents in advance if possible to cover the time that you are travelling. You can also arrange with the garage team to pay any outstanding debt after your holidays and it is your responsibility to ensure you make the payment.   

If you are renting a garage you are required to pay your rent weekly in advance. This can be done by direct debit payment or by cash with a rent card at any pay point. See garage lettings for further details 

If you are in rent arrears, you should contact the garage team as a matter of urgency to make arrangement to pay your arrears in full or instalments. See garage arrears for further details.  

If you are in rent arrears and you do not make arrangements to clear your arrears the garage team will send you letters asking you to make arrangements to clear your accounts and if you do not respond to them or clear your arrears, your tenancy may be terminated and you will be given time to clear the garage. See garage arrears below for further details.

Yes, you can lose your occupancy if you fail to abide by the terms and conditions of the garage or do not pay your rent/arrears.

A lock-up or pitch site can only be succeeded in exceptional cases where an electoral registered joint tenant wishes to be the sole tenant of the property due to their partners’ being deceased or wishing to give up the tenancy, otherwise, succession rights are not applicable to this tenancy.

Last updated: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 2:56 PM