Some children may suffer from periods of ill health or may have a medical condition that means they are absent from school for a period of time.

We are committed to ensuring that these children continue to benefit from their education, either at home or in hospital.

What is home teaching?

When children and young people are absent from school for medical reasons and at home for an extended period education is continued there. Delivery of education at home is usually provided by school staff by arranging for age and stage appropriate materials and liaising with the family. 

A home/hospital teacher can provide additional support as part of the team, and a referral can be made to the ASN Outreach Service by the school. Parents and carers should be involved in this process.

What is hospital teaching?

Where a child or young person has an extended stay in hospital the home/hospital teacher will co-ordinate the educational provision and offer support. The school will maintain links with the family and as necessary provide appropriate materials.

Last updated: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 2:55 PM