Eligibility for council nursery transport

The following factors are taken into consideration before an application for transport can be made, although only one needs to apply in order for the application to be made:

Referral Factors

  • Children on the Child Protection Register
  • Children recently removed from the Child Protection Register
  • Children with additional support needs
  • Social Services referral
  • Speech and Language Therapy referral
  • Health Service referral
  • Developmental needs as assessed by the head of the nursery

Environmental Factors

  • No personal transport
  • No access to public transport
  • No options to car share
  • Rural isolation and a combination of the above 3 factors

Social Factors

  • Family breakdown
  • Domestic violence
  • Disabled or seriously ill member of the family
  • Isolated family with little contact with others
  • The concern with regard to parenting skills
  • Being a lone adult household
  • Both parents unemployed

How to apply for transport to council nursery.

Contact your child’s head of nursery if you feel your circumstances qualify your child for nursery transport.

Once a request for nursery transport has been approved by the Service Manager, Early Years and Early Intervention, transport is arranged by the Transport Co-ordinator who will liaise with an approved taxi firm and have arrangements put in place. 

Last updated: Friday, May 14, 2021 10:17 AM