Education is compulsory but school is not.

The Education Scotland Act 1980 requires parents of school age children to provide sufficient education suitable to a child’s age and ability.  

Most parents choose to educate their child in a local authority or independent school, some choose to educate their child at home.

How can I arrange to home educate my child? 

If your child is already attending a local authority school and you now want to educate them at home, you must seek consent to withdraw your child. We have procedures in place to support this process. After making your request an officer will contact you to gather the required information and will offer to visit you at home.

If your child has never been enrolled at a local authority school, there is no requirement to seek consent. You may choose to notify the education service of your decision to do so.

If you choose to educate your child at home, the local authority is not responsible for providing your child with support or for arranging assessments.  

Last updated: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 2:50 PM