Document of the month - January

The first extant charter for the Burgh of Stirling dating from 1360 represents the beginning of a long and twisting tale of local government that continues in the telling to this day.

Document of the month – February

In the parish of Killearn in the early 1700s, Helen McFarlan was an unmarried woman who worked as a servatrix to Alexander Lerkie of Croy.

Document of the month - March

Letters from a Victorian marriage - Sir Malcolm Murray MacGregor and Lady Helen Murray MacGregor Née McDonnell

Document of the month - April

Year of Stories - The Jacobites Advance Down the River Forth

Document of the month - May

As we approach the local elections at the beginning of May, our Document of the Month focuses on two notable Stirling Councillors: Grace Tasker and Catherine Turnbull.

Doccument of the month - June

In Balfron nearly 100 years ago, the Parish Council was faced with a rather mysterious couple when an out of work man and woman applied for poor relief at 6pm on 12 March 1924.

Document of the month - July 2022

The Scottish Church had been very concerned with following up accusations of witchcraft since the notorious trial of over 100 people accused of witchcraft in 1590