August 2018 - Ailsa Dunlop

Ailsa Dunlop

This poem by Ailsa Dunlop of Bannockburn High School was the 2nd Prize Winner in the Stirling Smith Secondary Schools Poetry Competition. Many congratulations to Ailsa. She writes as follows :-

I am a school pupil who attends Bannockburn High. This is one of the first poems I’ve ever written, it was homework for a competition set up by the Stirling Smith Art Gallery. It’s about a window that Robert Burns inscribed a poem in. Some of my interests include playing violin, hanging out with my friends and watching Netflix. I enjoyed writing this poem and look forward to writing many more in the future.

The window

I sat there every day’n’ night,
The rain poured doon,
The sun shone bright.
Until yin day a poet came,
Upon mah pane he wid bring shame.

Those ten lines that he engraved,
The horrible wey he behaved.
All the locals wur sae upset,
But Rabbie Burns wis nae dane yet.

The loud smash as ah shattered,
Way back the ah didnae matter.
But noo an am all restored,
In the Smith Art Gallery a’m adored.

A simple thank-you I’d like tae say,
These words wull never fade away.
by Ailsa Dunlop