December 2018 - Bill Adair

Bill Adair

Bill Adair, based in Stirling, is a singer-songwriter and poet. He has released two CDs: ‘Along The Miners’ Rows’ and ‘Dusty Boots on a Gravel Road’, and published a volume of poetry entitled ‘Learning to Fly’. Bill maintains a daily poetry blog on his Facebook page. His website is


Christmas Song


The silent night is shattered

By the falling of a bomb,

As a man and pregnant woman

Search for somewhere safe and warm.

While in a field some shepherds

Huddle down and try to sleep,

Mid the sounds of rattling gunfire

And the bleating of the sheep.


Some strangers bearing gifts

Approach a family they don’t know,

While far away a choir sings

Of wine and mistletoe.

As children play and robins

Sit on frosty windowsills

The slaughter of the innocents

Is happening round us still.


All round the world the lights all say

That Christmas time is here,

But the little town of Bethlehem

Is dark with hate and fear.

The bleak mid-winters bleaker still,

No angels sing above,

But the child we see in Manger Square

Still reaches out for love.