February 2018 - Donald Adamson

Donald Adamson 

Donald Adamson lives in Dalbeattie (Scotland) and Tampere (Finland). His awards include first prize in the Herald Millennium Competition, 1999, and first prize in the Sangschaw Scots Translation Competition, 2017. He has also been a prizewinner in the McCash Scots Poetry Competition, 2014, and in the Margaret Reid /Tom Howard Competition, 2016.  His own collections include From Coiled Roots (2014, IDP) and Glamourie (2015, IDP). His translations of the Finnish poet Eeva Kilpi were published by Arc in 2014


Staunin afore her grave
he feels a smirr o rain
wattin his cheeks

that micht be his tears
or hers
for the grandweans she niver saw,
the wee lassie
whae’ll suin be fower
and the laddie, fifteen month noo.

Whan he streens his lugs
and listens wi aa his micht
he can juist aboot mak oot the wirds 
in the sang o the rain:
Thy bield... wad be my bosom...
tae share it aa.

  Donald Adamson -       

This poem appeared in Scottish PEN's online PENning Shelter issue'.