January 2018 - Mary V. Williams


a novelist and poet living in Shropshire, where she runs a writers' group. Her poetry has been widely published. From a background in teaching and mental health, she has written self-help books and fiction under her name Valentine Williams. Her latest short story collection, A Far Cry, was published this year by Mantle Lane Press. She hope to have a poetry collection published one day. Her website is www.valentinewilliams4@gmail.com

Buddleia on the Building Site

Buddleia, the old tart,
clings to the elbow of the wall.
displaying showy garters for the butterflies.
She advertises from chimneys,
cracks in paving slabs.
Puts on the purple scent, puts out the flowers.
A little rouge.
Winks at the builders’ lorries; is always thirsty.
A born carpark survivor, Buddleia
laughs at adversity; peppers rubble with magic,
budges up next to supermarket trolleys, parking spaces.
Never discriminates.
I saw her once forty feet up, outside Liverpool,
perched on the railway cutting, solid rock,
but waving gaily at the trains below
hoping her clients, cabbage whites, would find her in the ruins.
Yes. Buddleia, it’s you we’re looking at.