July 2018 - Tara Mathewson

Tara Mathewson

This poem, written by Tara Mathewson, was the winner of the Stirling Smith Secondary Schools Poetry Competition for 2018. Congratulations, Tara!

Tara is 12 years old. She lives in Bridge of Allan. She has two cats named Tarmus And Simba. Her hobbies are reading and painting watercolours and she likes sport, especially skiing, triathlon and climbing. Tara is a Scout and likes going on outdoor camps. She likes German and recently went on a trip to Berlin.


by Tara Mathewson

The Doll’s House at the Smith Museum and Art Gallery

When all is dark, and we’re tucked up in bed
some one comes down the stairs
a little one dares,
to come down the stairs
when the house is silent

The glassy eyed one
comes down the stairs
and when the teddy bear dares
he too comes down the stairs
when the house is silent

Her cream porcelain skin
invites them all down
Calling “ Come down the stair
Come if you dare
Because all of the house is silent

Little toes on the stairs
Only those in the doll’s house dares
To come down the stairs
creeping one by one
because all of the house is silent

But after we say morning prayers
those that came down the stairs
the dollys and teddy bears
go up the stairs
with the little one who dares
and again the doll’s house is silent