May 2018 - Charlie Gracie

Charlie Gracie

Charlie Gracie is from Baillieston, Glasgow and now lives in Thornhill on the edge of the Trossachs. He also had a Poem of the Month in the time of Stirling’s first modern Makar, Magi Gibson. Charlie’s poetry and prose have appeared in literary journals and anthologies for many years. He has had poems shortlisted in the Fish Poetry Prize and the Bridport Poetry Prize in the last two years. His first poetry collection was published by diehard in 2010 and they will publish his second in the next few months. His first novel will be published this November. 

Clyde Walkway

Clyde Valley Walkway, late April, with my father

Through the trees, the river shines like mica schist. 
Everything it ever is, a moment’s rush, 
giggling and sighing in equal wet measure. 
In soft green sunniness, the leaves flutter like memories, 
holding on to the wood of the tree with a tiny line of stalk, 
flipping in and out of dark and light as the wind dictates. 
On the shadowed path, you and I stop for a moment; 
breathe in the sun and the breeze and the Clyde’s breath. 
We admire a dandelion in its orange fullness; perfect you say.