October 2018 - Lydia Searle

Lydia Searle

Lydia was born in Bradford in 1988 and lived in Yorkshire and Ireland. She studied English with Creative Writing at Goldsmiths College and has worked with children and young people in Peckham, Brazil and Ireland. She is passionate about poetry, women's rights and knitting. She has had poetry published on inksweatandtears.com and in the Stop Sharpening Your Knives e-zine.


Out picking gooseberries
her fingers encased with possibility
my mother goes.

Beneath her striped shirt
she carries in her
small frame

this thing called
boy. Neither short nor tall,
a pumpkin seed.

Globe boy, floating in Chinese
boxes. He learns to swim young.
His freckles do not appear

on account of there being no sun.
No amount of gooseberry jam
can entice him.

He is gone
before we even know
of his coming.