September 2018 - Lynda McCraight


Lynda McCraight

Lynda McCraight lives in Pontefract, although her childhood was spent in Derbyshire. At 18, she came to Yorkshire to train to teach English. She did this for 35 years and took redundancy when it was offered. Her main hobby is amateur acting and she recently played Margaret Thatcher in a local production. She enjoys writing about moments from her own life and making people laugh. Sometimes – with a bit of luck – the two occur simultaneously. Some of her poetry appeared on a friend’s blog – The Thoughts of Chairman Anyhow.


Sun-tanned, toned and turned towards us,
You cavort, cat-like on the poolside,
Nudging down bikini bottoms, baring bronzed flesh.
You lunch on all things chewable,
Masticating methodically – a mechanical mannequin.
Opening your water bottle, as if de-constructing an onion,
Your movements momentarily mesmerise.
And then your next trick – joining the dancers on deck,
Where, with indolent gyration, you’re a diva, fore and aft,
Eager to come to some kind of climax with the ship’s Adonis.
Rapt in your self-indulgent reverie, you re-position yourself,
With the careful placement of each lithe limb, awaiting the next photo opportunity,
Whilst we simply go in for lunch.

Lynda McCraight

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