From Clive Wright, Stirling Makar.

It has been my pleasure as Makar to edit this Poem of the Month column for the term of my office and, by way of an envoi, I now add finally a poem of my own. This is, in fact, the first poem I ever wrote (penned in a school notebook in Feb. 1971) so perhaps this is a case of “In my end is my beginning”!  Farewell!                                             

Farewell Sweet Day

Farewell, sweet day, for you were out of place,
A spring day sent in winter by a father’s grace ;
Your mellow rays, kind sun, today did not offend,
But nature’s face did brighten
And to me a calmer eye did lend.

For how can I have silly doubts or fears
When earth itself so much at ease appears?
This gracious day permits no life destroying fear or care,
But wipes away a mental frown
Which I in foolishness did wear.

Your light grows dim, and soon will leave for ever;
But though I ne’er again quite such a day as this shall see,
Yet still its peaceful influence shall linger nearby me,
That winter’s gloom like summer’s smile may be.