March 2015

Guerilla (open-access) Manifesto

A found poem from the Internet's Own-boy - Aaron Swartz.

It’s time to come into the light

It’s time to come into the light and

Carry our words into action

In that grand tradition

Declare our opposition

To the private theft of public culture

For there is no justice

No justice in following unjust laws

Crushing our hopes

With red lines and strict rules

Crushing our hopes

In a battle to define

Crushing our hopes

In copyright protections

Our rights

Our human rights

This collected knowledge

Is our Collective responsibility

And the enemies of freedom have not disappeared

The fire in those eyes have not been put out

Reloading over and over

In a firewall of monetization

An engrained systemic lust for money

A virus that infects

To the permeate loss

Of the Motherboard of mankind

The freedom to connect 

Deleted, Snuffed out 

A butterfly on a wheel

An unspeakable act

The private theft of public culture

For The Cost of Knowledge

Is a moral imperative

And information and knowledge

Is the source of collective progress

So come into the light

Come into the light

The little guy facing this terrible future

Be the hero of your own stories

Be the change, be that flame

AND Carry our words into action.

For Sharing isn't immoral—it's a moral imperative