December 2017 - Chris Powici

Chris Powici

‘Lunan Bay’ is taken from Chris Powici’s poetry collection This Weight of Light, published by Red Squirrel Press. Chris lives in Doune and teaches creative writing at The University of Stirling, The Open University and in the community. He is a former editor of the literary magazine Northwords Now and when not writing, editing or teaching likes get out and about the land by bike.

Lunan Bay

For Helen

You knelt at the tide-edge
and built frail cairns of whelk and mussel shells.
Above the waves a wave of gulls
hung in a blue shock of September sky.
A boy roared an ancient Honda 125
between the river and the dunes.
Sand flared from the wheels, the gulls screamed

and still you probed and nudged and tweaked 
as if you’d waited  all your life to feel
each grit-clogged smithereen
each dirty glittering scrap
pass through your hands and become
something known, something seen.